OnPage SEO Checklist: My Top 3


Are You searching for a comprehensive OnPage SEO Checklist online? This is my Top 3 list of resources that can help You with optimizing Your Blog Post, Landing Page or E-Commerce Site for a higher visibility on Search Engines.

1) The SEMrush SEO Checklist

SEMrush is a SEO Tool Provider which has runs an awesome blog covering various online marketing topics and best practices. In “The Only SEO Checklist You Will Need in 2020: 41 Best Practices”, You can find detailed information on and a comprehensive Checklist regarding OnPage SEO Factors. SEMrush provide countless screenshots and videos to make it easy even for newbies to understand and implement each point. Further, the article is available in 9 different languages and thus is targeted towards a wide international audience. I totally recommend You checking it out.

Here is the link to the SEMrush SEO Checklist.

2) On-Page SEO Ranking Factors by MOZ

MOZ is considered an authority in the field of SEO and a reliable source of high-quality information. Their article “On-Page Ranking Factors” is less descriptive but offers an awesome infographic that can be used as a Checklist. Print it out and keep it on Your desk and refer it whenever You optimize a page. I’m sure it will help you immensely.

Here is the link to the MOZ On-Page Rankings Factors.

3) The Complete Guide to On-Page SEO by Search Engine Journal (e-book)

The e-book is well structured with separate links to detailed explanations on each chapter. It includes tons of valuable tricks, tips and Best Practices that help you with the implementation.

Here is the link to The Complete Guide to SEO On-Page SEO.