Digital Marketing Consulting

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Based on data.

Discover growth opportunities.

Utilize untapped online channels or increase traffic and revenue from already existing sources by optimizing them for success. Profit from an approach relying heavily on data and detailed analysis.

Expert knowledge.

Save time and effort.

You don't have time or ressources to develop all the required knowledge and skills in-house? Digital Marketing Universe Consulting is Your answer.

Proven techniques.

Bypass the guesswork.

Take the fastest road to success and online growth with proven techniques and effective project management from the very beginning.


Each step in the working process involves close coordination with clients and evaluation based on the available data.

Planning & Strategy

Creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is key. Defining the right KPIs and goals makes progress measurable.

Skillful Implementation

Through optimized workflows Your goals can be achieved in the fastest way possible.

Reporting & Monitoring

Setting up the right tracking as well as monitoring progress and results on a regular basis is essential.



Search Engine Optimization

Increase the organic visibility of Your website on Search Engines and acquire more unpaid traffic through SEO.

Paid Advertising

Run cost effective and successful Ads on Google, Bing and Social Media.

E-Mail Marketing & Automation

Grow Your E-Mail Marketing List and move customers through each stage of Your Marketing Funnel to the final purchase with automated solutions.

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